Ergonomic Assessment - Injury Prevention

Project: Review of workstations in one of the large Medical Centres

Areas assessed included:
• Reception and Administration workstations – both front of house (face to face with public) and separate offices
• Doctors and nurses consulting rooms
• Storage areas

One of the key issues was that the majority of workstations were used by multiple people, so had to be flexible enough to accommodate the range of users. The project highlighted that particular areas, such as the front reception counter needed to be re-designed to meet the needs of the current work demands and staff interface with both the public and their work equipment. This was acknowledged by the organisation and will be addressed in due course.

Other recommendations were also made for:
• Replacement of some equipment so that it could be quickly and easily adjusted to suit a range of users
• Layout adjustment on some workstations to reduce the postural demands, such as extended reaches, which was done during the assessment
• Staff were educated on the need for postural breaks and different ways that this could be incorporated into their work day and usual tasks while still meeting the demands of a busy medical centre.