Workplace Assessments - Job Analysis

Project: Job Analysis of inherent physical work demands and identification of improvement opportunities in Heritage Archives area.

The Heritage Archives were being relocated to another facility. The facility comprised an administration section and a large open storage area lined with a range of shelving, compactus and specially designed vertical shelving for artworks. Staff working in the area were consulted in both the work duties and consequent trial of some recommended equipment to reduce the manual handling requirements of the job. Staff working in the area were a range of ages and physical heights. Recommendations were made to ensure the greatest flexibility in staff that could be employed in the area and able to safely perform the work duties.

Work duties involved:
• Administration
• Cataloguing, digitising and managing the collection
• Physical ability to perform a range of manual handling tasks (i.e. moving boxes and large artworks) and physical mobility (i.e. ladder climbing)

One of the major issues identified was accessing the varied items of differing dimensions, weights and sizes, removing these from shelves and carrying them to a process area for cataloguing or in readiness to be delivered to a venue.

Following this a trial of equipment was conducted with the staff and recommendations made based on their feedback.